Oral surgery is performed whenever there is a problem in the mouth of a patient that requires intervention. These include the jaw and the mouth of a patient and the causes can vary but needing oral surgery does not you should be alarmed.

One of the most common reasons for oral surgery is the impact that wisdom teeth have on the gum line and the jaw. When these teeth fail to emerge in proper alignment they start damaging the area around them so that they can fit and emerge. This can result in pain and gum infection, as well as permanent damage on nearby teeth. As such, oral surgery is required to stop this from happening.

Another common reason for oral surgery are oral implants. Whenever an individual loses a tooth and wishes to get an implant, oral surgery is required to attach it properly so that the gap in the person’s teeth can be cleared properly without causing any type of infection or damage.

Oral surgery can also be required in order to treat facial injuries and facial infections such as pain and swelling the face, neck or jaws. Sometimes, these infections can develop to the point of life-threatening emergencies. This type of surgery can involve tooth extraction if there is a tooth involved in the issue itself.

Finally, oral surgery can be required due to jaw related problems such as unequal jaw growth. Improper teeth alignment, for example, can be fixed without oral surgery. In some individuals, however, the jaw can grow in an unequal manner which will then cause serious problem in eating, swallowing, speaking and sometimes even in breathing.

These problems need to be fixed through oral surgery in order to make sure that both jaws are then aligned properly, guaranteeing a functional and healthy balance between the upper and lower jaw.

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