Periodontal care is what is needed to maintain the gums and other structures that hold teeth together. Periodontal means pertaining to the gums and other tissues that help to support the teeth. Without proper Periodontal Care it will provide an avenue for bacteria and other elements to invade the gums and cause many problems.

It is the dentist that can help with Periodontal Care. A large percentage of people over thirty have some kind of Periodontal Disease. As people grow older this can become an increasing problem. Good periodontal Care by the dentist can keep the problem of Periodontal Disease from happening.

Dentists provide periodontal care so they can help people from developing other complications. They offer lots of periodontal services to help in the care of patients with Periodontal Disease. Gingivitis is the early stage of this disease of the gums. Gingivitis affects the gums by developing an infection in the area. The gums become swollen and red and can even resulting in bleeding. It can even provide a worst case scenario by having teeth fall out.

Bacteria is the cause of this infection that can cause this irritation to the gums. This buildup of bacteria on the teeth causes something called plaque. This buildup of plaque on the teeth is what causes it to affect the gums and surrounding tissue. This buildup of plaque then becomes harder and it becomes tartar. The spread of it to the gums can then occur. Only a Dentist can help you remove the tartar. This removal of the tartar by the Dentist can stop the spread of Periodontal Disease.

Prevention of the disease can be done by regular brushing and also having the Dentist provide regular cleanings. Make sure to see the Dentist at least once a year for regular checkups and routine cleanings to keep this bacteria buildup from happening. Good Periodontal care can stop all this from happening.

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