It is necessary to have a dental Oral Exam twice per year (every six months) in order to detect any potential issues and problems and to take action as necessary.

An oral exam is how your dentist or hygienist will check your teeth for cavities. Your dental professional is trained to identify other health problems such as gum disease and inflammation or bone loss. Examinations such as these are an important part of oral health care and preventative maintenance.

During a dental examination, general condition of the teeth and oral structures are checked and verified. The teeth are checked for cavities and calculus deposits. Long term dental goals are set and plans of action are determined.
Generally, new x-rays are done during these bi-annual examinations. This is how the dentist will find hidden decay that may be between the teeth and verify the condition of the teeth and bone. It is usually necessary to obtain an x-ray to find early signs of disease. It is usually less costly and more comfortable to prevent an issue than to correct one neglected.

Another important part of a dental oral examination is the training and instructions given by your dental professional. This instruction includes dental hygiene habits and proper brushing and flossing methods. He can advise you on the proper tools to use, and what not to use. He can tell you the dangers of certain foods to the teeth and the dangers of certain over the counter products. He will also give you an opportunity to ask questions about your oral health. If you are experiencing dry mouth, bad breath, or pain these are issues you should discuss together.

Regular check-ups are critical to assess and address oral health problems early. As with all health issues, early treatment prevents what could be future painful and expensive treatments. Dental decay and disease will not cure itself. It must be treated and will progressively worsen causing health issues and possibly tooth loss.

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