Scientists have discovered that when your gums become inflamed they can become a hot bed for bacteria. Inflamed gums separate from the teeth and are basically an open wound through which diseases and bacteria can attack the rest of the body.

Through numerous studies, it’s been proven that gum disease can play a contributing factor in whether or not a person’s heart is healthy, whether or not they have stokes, and can even be linked to low birth weight in babies.

The good news is that we now have the ability to stop gum disease at the bacterial level with the use of laser technology. Dental soft tissue lasers can target their beams directly on the pockets of bacteria that hide in areas of the mouth that are generally inaccessible to regular dental cleaning methods, and since the lasers do not cut or nick the skin, they can also help foster an environment that will allow your mouth to heal quickly.

Laser Bacterial Reduction, or LBR, can circle your teeth at the gum line, without creating any cuts or incisions, and destroy the bacteria that cause your gums to flare up. It can penetrate deep into the gum line and drastically cut down all of that harmful bacteria, thus improving your overall health. In just a few seconds, your mouth can go from swarming with billions of dangerous bacteria, down to just a few hundred.

This will give your gums the time and space that they need to heal. The bacteria will come back, but after your gums heal you will be at far less risk than if your gums were inflamed and pulling back from your teeth.

While this treatment is only a supplement to regular cleanings, it’s still a very effective way to help maintain your periodontal health. If you’ve been struggling with keeping your gums in good shape, LBR can help get you back on the track to happy, health gums and teeth.

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