The outermost part of the tooth is known as the enamel. It is made from tightly packed mineral crystals. The level of minerals in the tooth goes up and down every day, known as demineralization and remineralization. Fluoride treatments help to both speed up remineralization and to protect the current enamel of your teeth. It is also used to prevent acid build up on teeth that can cause tooth decay.

It is especially important to get fluoride treatments if you have a history of tooth problems, such as cavities, poor diet habits that affect teeth, if you smoke or chew tobacco, if you drink more than one alcoholic drink a day, or if you don’t see a dentist regularly.

Fluoride treatments are one of the healthiest and easiest things you can do for your teeth to give you both a healthy smile and strong teeth. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that helps to strengthen teeth, reduces the chances of tooth decay, and has also been proven to reverse tooth decay in very early stages.

For some, fluoride treatments have also been shown to reduce tooth sensitivity. Fluoride treatments aren’t just for children; even adults can benefit from these treatments. It is especially important to receive fluoride treatments if you have tooth troubles like the exposure of roots or receding gum lines.

Fluoride treatments are given after your dental cleaning has been done as this is the time when the fluoride is most effective and the maximum benefits are derived from the treatment.

Fluoride treatments are safe and effective when used properly. It is recommended that you do not eat, drink, smoke or otherwise consume anything for 30-60 minutes after your treatment to allow the maximum effectiveness of your treatment. Treatments are generally done every six months, but can be done as needed or recommended by your dentist.

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