Some people go years brushing their teeth without visiting their dentist to check on their oral health. They don’t understand that visiting the dentist is just as important as scheduling visits with their primary care physician.

While brushing is a normal part of oral maintenance, daily care of the teeth and gums must also include flossing. Regularly practicing these two steps will help to keep them in tip top shape. This routine will keep plaque buildup at bay. Practicing good oral hygiene also includes scheduling regular visits to the dentist.

Plaque buildup is characterized initially by yellow stains on the teeth. Plaque is caused by deposits of food particles which, if not brushed away properly, leads to tartar. Flossing should always follow brushing after every meal to alleviate the onset of plaque.Neglecting these steps could cause painful inflammation of the gums, tooth decay and periodontal disease. This malady can have devastating effects, including loss of bone structure and gingivitis.Professional dental cleanings works well with the daily care taken at home, but only needs to be done every six to twelve months, unless the dentist recommends more frequent visits. After each visit the dentist will thoroughly check the patient’s oral history to ensure the health of their teeth and gums is not at risk.

During the dental cleaning visit, a dental hygienist will likely take the lead in cleaning the teeth. They will remove tartar and plaque buildup followed by polishing the teeth’s surface, before finishing with a fluoride treatment. Patients not regularly attending a dentist should seek one to ensure the maintenance of their oral health. Although some people fear visiting dentists, they are trained to calm your fears, especially if you forewarn them in advance.

Strong and healthy teeth also aid in proper digestion. However, not caring properly for them will lead to complications that are difficult to overcome. By following simple guidelines and regular dental cleanings, you can ensure the longevity of your teeth.

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