Whenever people need dental crowns they are now starting to go with zirconia crowns instead of any other material, mainly because of the many advantages zirconium has over other types of material such as gold when it comes to dental crowns.

The advantages of zirconium (used in zirconia crowns) is that it is incredibly tough and resistant – it can withstand the natural wear and tear it will be subjected to; it is translucent which gives it a similarity to natural teeth; it has no fuse; it is biocompatible and finally its size, shape and color are easily modifiable.

Even though zirconia crowns have a variety of advantages, the biggest one of them is that they are aesthetically superior to any other type of dental crown. They are incredibly similar to natural teeth and as such people will usually not be able to tell the difference between a dental crown with zirconium and a natural tooth.

Since zirconium can be easily modified, these crowns can be used for any part of the mouth including the frontal teeth and the person using them does not have to worry about being seen as different because the crown is going to be unnoticeable to a certain extent.

Zirconium crowns are better than gold and porcelain crowns, mostly because people do not like to have metal inside of their mouth and both of these crowns require it. Gold crowns have it because, well, they are made out of gold. Porcelain crowns on the other hand need a metal fuse attached to them which is usually black and that ruins them aesthetically. On top of that, porcelain crowns chip and break easily when compared to zirconia crowns.

The price of a zirconia crowns depends a lot on the dentist and on your area, but you can usually expect to pay around $1000 per crown in the United States.

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