Gum reshaping, otherwise referred to as gum contouring, is often considered cosmetic dentistry. Many people will have straight and symmetrical the, but it is diminished because their gum line falls too far below the lip line. The gum may even be uneven, which can lead to a person becoming unhappy with their smile.

Dentists will often referred to gums that extend too far below the lip line as a “gummy” smile. The best solution then becomes gum reshaping.In the past, gum reshaping was done with a scalpel, which lead to bleeding as well as a long and uncomfortable recovery. New technology has made it possible to offer gum reshaping that leads to a virtually painless procedure as well and they fast recovery.

Laser dentistry will utilize a diode laser so that patients can experience perfectly sculpted gums so that they are able to accept their smiles faster than ever before.
A local anesthesia is applied prior to the laser process. This will help to eliminate any kind of discomfort for the patient. A diode laser will then be used by the dentist to cut excess gum tissue away and sculpt the gum line so that it is more uniform and scalloped.

Diode lasers will cauterize as they cut, which reduces the bleeding and dramatically reduces a chance of infection for patients. The entire gum reshaping procedure generally takes one visit to the office.
There may be some swelling or soreness following the gum reshaping procedure. This generally takes no more than a week in order to recover from. It will not interfere with any daily activities, including eating, drinking, or speaking. The only thing that should be avoided is eating foods with seeds or anything spicy several days following the surgery.
With the new technology, gum reshaping can help people to gain a better smile without having any issues with gums standing in the way.

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