E.Max® veneers are a kind of pressed ceramic veneer which are moderately translucent for a very natural aesthetic. They are comprised of lithium disilicate glass-ceramic which is the most uniform kind of material available for veneers. They are first cast in wax so that our dentists can more closely match them to the unique contours and shade of each patient’s teeth. E.Max® veneers are also thinner than many other traditional kinds of veneers, but are one of the most durable products available.

Some benefits of e.Max® veneers include:

  • Minimal preparation time needed
  • No tooth etching or drilling required, thus preserving the strength of your natural teeth
  • Bonds directly to your tooth enamel, which is more secure than dentin-bonding used in other kinds of veneers
  • Thinner and more translucent, creating a more natural bite as well as more natural aesthetic than thicker veneers
  • Can be combined with feldspathic porcelain veneers to create a truly personalized smile

Many patients enjoy the customizability of e.Max® veneers since they can be involved in the design, and are able to try them before the final veneers are fitted. Once the patient is satisfied with the design and sizing of their e.Max® veneers, they are cast and the patient is called back for an additional appointment for application of the final product. The veneers are bonded to the patient’s teeth with a dental resin cement.

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