Sedation dentistry is becoming more popular and this has to do with a fear of going to the dentist. Many people panic at the sound of a drill or have a very strong gag reflex. Many others have had poor experiences with a dentist in the past and that is causing them to not get the oral care that they need.

A sedation dentist can help patients with a high fear of going to the dentist overcome anxiety as a way of gaining the oral health that everyone deserves.

There are scientifically sound methods that can be used within sedation dentistry to help calm patients. Various types of sedation can be offered to patients.

Relaxation dentistry doesn’t involve drugs, but there is a calming environment. Personalized DVD viewing is also available.

There is also conscious sedation, featuring nitrous oxide. This is known as laughing gas and can increase the patient’s tolerance for pain, while they are in a state of relaxation.

IV sedation is also possible, which involves a person going completely under. They will have no visit of the dental visit at all, and the IV sedation is administered under careful monitoring.

By exploring the various forms of sedation dentistry, a person is able to maintain the highest level of oral hygiene and oral care because the dentist will be able to do all of what is needed. This can include general checkups, fillings, drilling, and various other procedures that need to be performed based upon what is going on in a person’s mouth.

A phobia of the dentist is very common, and it is one of the reasons why many people choose to stay away from the dentist for as long as they do. No one should avoid dental care, and this is why it is critical to choose sedation dentistry when there is a phobia.

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