Dental implants are a form of cosmetic dentistry that can be more beneficial than dentures and bridges. They involve installing metal frames or posts, commonly made of titanium, that are used to support a missing tooth or teeth. It can help to prevent further loss of teeth or jaw bone loss as well.

The posts are positioned surgically into the jawbone, below the gums. Once the posts are in place, the bone is allowed to heal for a certain period of time. Finally, a replacement tooth is then attached to the post. Most people won’t even notice that a person has a dental implant, which is part of the appeal.

There are numerous benefits with dental implants. It can provide an improved appearance to boost self-esteem, make it easier to eat, and the implants are more durable, allowing for comfort, improved speech, as well as convenience.

Implants are stronger than natural teeth and can last between 10 and 20 years for most people. They have become more common and a significant amount of technology has been released in the past several years, making it a better solution than bridgework since implants do not require neighboring teeth to provide support.

People who are considering dental implants to improve speech, appearance, and overall oral health will need to ensure they have healthy gums as well as sufficient bone density of the jaw to be able to support the implants.

Patients of all ages have been known to get dental implants and many people are learning about the benefits. It is no longer considered experimental. When people don’t want the embarrassing slip of a denture and want to make sure they are able to get the gorgeous smile they used to have, a dental implant can make a lot of sense. It can be used on a single tooth or throughout the entire mouth.

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