Based on integrity and compassion, Dr. Dmitry Aminov is committed to providing only the dental solutions that are in the best interest of his patients. Rather than dictating treatment, Dr. Aminov enables his patients to make their own educated oral health decisions by verbally and visually explaining any dental issues and all possible solutions. Dr. Aminov is conservative in his approach and only performs treatment that is necessary and truly beneficial for both short-term and long-term results.

A perfectionist with an eye for natural-looking aesthetics, Dr. Aminov applies the latest dental techniques and technology to resolve any critical oral health issues while achieving exceptional cosmetic dental results. Dr. Dmitry Aminov has all the latest technology at his fingertips but believes his most important asset is how he treats his patients. Before he gets intimate with a patient’s mouth, he gets to know them as a person.

“It’s very important to me to build a relationship with my patients before I treat them. I want to know how many kids they have, what their interests are and what’s going on in their life.”
Dr. Aminov’s top priority is never hurt a patient. “We don’t believe in telling our patients that it’s only going to hurt for a moment. Our whole team is committed to a pain free, pleasant experience for the patient.”

A people person who has always been gifted with his hands, Dr. Aminov is passionately living his dream. With a desire for healthcare, he found his true calling in dentistry, and more specifically in smile transformations. “Transforming someone’s smile is the most tangible thing I can do for a person. If it held them back in some way or made them insecure, you change their life. If I did nothing else but smile makeovers all day long, I would be very happy.”

Dr. Dmitry Aminov graduated from San Diego State University, San Diego in 2003. He received his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the Temple University School of Dentistry, Philadelphia in 2007. Dr. Aminov has enjoyed working in private practice since 2007 as a general dentist. While enjoying all aspects of being a dentist, Dr. Aminov really enjoys time spent on Cosmetic Dentistry, in particular working on Implants, Crowns, Bridges and Veneers.

When not in the Dental office Dr. Aminov spends hundreds of hours on continuing education in order to stay abreast of all the new dentistry innovations including new techniques and technology. In his time away from work he enjoys spending time with his wife and children as well as playing with his chocolate lab and traveling.